How To Safely Pick Parts At A Junkyard

How to Safely Pick Parts At A Junkyard

Getting used auto parts at a Poeboys Auto Salvage in Tulsa, OK is an excellent way to save money on auto parts for your car, truck, or SUV. However, it is important to take actions that will keep you safe as you operate in the salvage yard to get the parts you need. Before you purchase used car parts at Poeboys, take time to educate yourself on the important safety and security measures below.

Safe Shoes
Make certain to wear close-toed shoes; and for utmost security, wear steel toed boots. Heavy automobile parts can and have slipped from one's hands due to the oily substances coating the part. Using steel toed boots keeps your feet risk-free if this happens.

Show up Sober
Don't appear at the junkyard after happy hour. Keep your mind clear and your physical capabilities top-notch so you aren't injured. You have to be sober when you remove parts. This is why the majority of salvage yards prohibit clients from having alcohol in the salvage lot. Save the party for after you get the auto parts you need.

Do Not Use Cutting Torches / Grind-Off Wheels
Cutting torches need to be avoided for the same reason as smoking. In fact, due to the fact that they produce a sparks, cutting torches and grind-off wheels are more dangerous than cigarettes. A wrench and screwdriver are the primary tools you should use.

Bring a Light
Even in bright sunlight, it is difficult to see into the engine compartment, under the chassis, or the interior. If you require a part from deep inside the engine, bring a battery-powered flashlight you can connect to the hood, or a tiny flashlight you can hold with your teeth.

Get Help With Big Parts
If you are trying to get a large engine block or other heavy part, you will need more than wrenches and screwdrivers. You will certainly additionally need an engine pulling A-frame, as well as a wagon with which to move the component after you remove it. Get approval or help from Poeboys before moving large and heavy auto parts.

Do Not Smoke
If you smoke, have a cigarette prior to entering the lot and not while you are inside it. Used cars and trucks are made up of various kinds of flammable substances. One spark or small piece of hot ash from a cigarette might cause a fire, harming the car as well as potentially harming you too.

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